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How we work

We specialize in replicating businesses and are in constant search of interesting projects that are being developed in various regions of Russia, the USA, Europe and Central Asia.

For a business to be advertised on our website it has to be profitable!

If the business’s profitability allows our potential partner (you) to be a successful entrepreneur, then there’s a high chance that we will be replicating such a business. And now, please, meet business owners who will be able to tell you how we work!

In this video, the head of a tyre chain Na Kolesah.RU talks about Bonplan:

In short, Vladimir Chibiryov is telling us how his company was first started: 3 workers, a 10 sq m office, 100 items on offer in the catalogue… He had dreamt of opening a large business chain from the start, but expanding outside the Moscow region turned out to be difficult. He signed a contract with Bonplan, and people from different business spheres learned about his tyre enterprise. According to Vladimir, Bonplan provides thorough assistance and turns down those who aren’t likely to make strong dealers.There are lots of potential partners but Bonplan selects one out of ten - the one who’ll be able to realise the company’s ideas in their region. Bonplan is the best at finding partners, claims Vladimir.

And here’s feedback of the head of the chain Kazhan:

Sergey Gavrilyuk talks about the creation of the retail chain Kazhan. After the first 2 months of collaboration with Bonplan Kazhan signed about 50 agreements to open dealer enterprises in Russia. Today, sales exceed production, new goods are being developed, and new collections are being created. The company is planning to expand to the European market!

The head of Utenok, a chain of clothes shops for children, talks about his collaboration with Bonplan:

Vasily Pashin appreciates Bonplan’s fast and high quality services. Six months after the start of collaboration with Bonplan, Utenok was basically drowning in orders. The company has now opened 200 shops in Russia! It’s a large retail chain where partners always support each other. However, the possibilities for rapid growth are far from having been exhausted!

The head of the chain Pushkinsky Khleb talks about Bonplan:

Elena Nakaryakova started her business with just one shop at a local market. Her friends advised her to look into the company Bonplan. In the first 3 months of collaborating with Bonplan Pushkinsky Khleb concluded 46 dealer agreements! According to Elena, it’s easy to work with Bonplan. Bonplan always helps us, she says.

Check out a review from the founder of the live quest vyHod:

According to Roman Avtukhov, reality quest vyHod is one of the leaders in the industry in his region. We have outlets in 21 cities with 30 partners. It took less than a year to reach such success - all thanks to our close collaboration with Bonplan, shares Roman. And it all started with just 2 gamesites. The founder of vyHod points out that Bonplan takes on legal duties from looking for partners to signing the agreement, which makes business development a lot easier. Due to close collaboration with Bonplan, among other things, we are expanding on a totally different level, says Roman.

And here’s what the head of the chain Tatarskiye Pirogi thinks about Bonplan:

Nadir Valitov says that he’d known Bonplan’s employees long before he started working with them, that they were professionals in their field. He had heard about them from his friends and business partners. Before Bonplan, the company opened separate shops, but with Bonplan it began opening franchising outlets. Nadir notes that Bonplan carried out its duties perfectly and is still doing so. The company Tatarskiye Pirogi has opened a few dozen outlets with Bonplan’s assistance. The company Bonplan will lead you in the right direction and introduce you to the right business format, claims Nadir.

Let’s see what the director general of the chain of companies Imperiya Uslug has to say:

Aleksandr Trofimov tells us what the company Imperiya Uslug does, how it came to be, how it decided to replicate its business model and collaborate with Bonplan. According to Aleksandr, Bonplan takes on all the duties related to making a deal and prepares partners for collaboration, without any advance payments. Bonplan handles the sale of the franchise and helps out with legal matters. Also, Aleksandr points out that his company is opening new outlets 3 or 4 times faster than it used to in the first month of collaboration with Bonplan. Today, the company Imperiya Uslug has opened its outlets in over 50 cities due to Bonplan.

The head of the chain Gorodskie Kovboi talks about Bonplan:

Dmitry Porochkin talks about getting to know the company Bonplan at one of Moscow’s business centres. Dmitry says that his company was looking into other companies who specialized in selling franchises. Bonplan, with its great reviews and the amount of franchises sold, stood out among competitors. After just a month of collaboration, Bonplan sold 5 franchises Gorodskie Kovboi! Bonplan’s specialists turned our Internet shop into something absolutely incredible, says Dmitry. Also, Bonplan helped his company create a new and effective way to make retail sales.

The head of the chain Dari-Postupok shares his opinion:

Pavel Kolomin talks about his projects and how he discovered Bonplan. The services provided by Bonplan are unique in the market. We are the only company offering to replicate businesses without any outside assistance and only asking for payments once we achieve results. Pavel considers our way of doing business the most honest. Our customers only make payments once they themselves start gaining profit. So far, Pavel’s collaboration with Bonplan has resulted in 62 Dari-Postupok outlets and 5 Dari-Talant outlets in Russia!

You can watch a lot of interesting videos on our YouTube channel. There, you will find franchisee feedback on their collaboration with Bonplan, Skype interviews with the heads of Management Companies covering peculiarities of each business as well as working with dealers and other videos related to the businesses offered by Bonplan.


We would like to thank our partners for their great reviews and their trust in Bonplan. Also, we’d like to thank all those who are interested in our company, who read our newsletter, call us, visit our website and, of course, those who purchase businesses via Bonplan! We also wish you every success in business and quick return on investment!

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